1. Hold on.

    Hold on.

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  2. True LOVE :)

    True LOVE :)

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  3. “You have to learn to adjust when your expectations don’t match the reality.”
    Scrubs, Season 9 Episode 13

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  4. “We don’t always get to choose who deserves and who wants our help..”
    Dr. Cox, Scrubs

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  5. “Sometimes ego gets in the way of what’s best for you; whether it’s combining forces, the opportunity to thank a friend, or the chance to do something nice for the people in your life because you actually do care.”
    Scrubs, Season 9 Episode 12

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  6. “You see, the best thing about letting people know how you really feel about them is then no matter how big a jackass you’ve been, they’ll still show up for you when times are bad.”
     -Dr. Kelso, Scrubs

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  7. “Even if you think that you’re just fine on your own, you can feel surprisingly abandoned.”
    Scrubs, Season 9 Episode 12

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  8. “Sometimes being a leader is knowing when to step up..
    And sometimes being a leader is knowing when to step ASIDE..”

    Scrubs, Season 9 Episode 11

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  9. “They say the truth will set you free. But sometimes you need a little push. Telling the truth is just the beginning. Owning it is the hard part. Because the one thing that you can never run from is how you really feel.”
    Scrubs, Season 9 Episode 10

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  10. Kurt and Blaine are the cutest gay couple eveeeer! 

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